Sometimes Birthdays Suck…


And that’s ok.

When you’re travelling there’s always a lot of pressure to constantly be doing fun, amazing things. Things that you are usually expected to follow up with an Instagram post… You know what I’m talking about! This is never more true than on your birthday. But sometimes birthdays are your worst days away from home.


The reasons are, for me, glaring obvious: your nearest and dearest are far away, time differences make communication hard, and if you want to celebrate then you’re in charge of planning it. For anyone even marginally socially awkward, planning your own birthday celebrations can be cringe inducing to say the least. Inviting a load of people you barely know, basically asking them to shower you with attention. No thanks.

Like most normal, socially confident, annoyingly charming people, The Mexican didn’t pick up on this and had harassed me for 2 weeks to plan something. which I obviously completely ignored. He’s not a big celebrator. And that’s Ok. But at dinner the night before my birthday he realised that I still hadn’t planned anything for the next day. Dinner did not end well.

Long story short, I spent most of my birthday a hormonal mess splitting my time between crying and eating. Yes, please feel free to pity me. I’m joking, kinda. My birthday did suck. And that’s fine. You know why? Because I have super cool, pinch me moments weekly and the fact one of those didn’t fall on my birthday is not the end of the world. Maybe I expect too much out of birthday’s anyway.

Despite having a crappy day, the highlight really was receiving love and well wishes from across the globe. I received birthday messages from Japan, Australia, Cyprus, Sweden, France, Germany, England, the States and Mexico – what a privilege!

I did spend my birthday emotional, then drunk and emotional. But the very next day, I got to spend Easter Sunday on an amazing beach, 5 minutes from my house, with a bunch of cool people I’ve had the privileged of meeting. And the best part? I get to make The Mexican feel bad until my next one 🙂

Lessons Learned:

  • The best days can’t be planned. If you’re having more better days than not, then it doesn’t matter when they happen – just enjoy them when they do.
  • People you meet on the road are almost always in the same position as you and, as a result, are way more supportive than you expect.
  • The song that goes “it’s my birthday I can cry if I want to..” really knew what it was talking about.

Better luck next year!


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